The Legal Advisors of the RLC Hamburg

As of September 2016, around 25 student legal advisors volunteer weekly for the RLC Hamburg, working in teams of two to four at several locations across Hamburg. They have completed the entire training cycle at the University of Hamburg law faculty and regularly attend continuing training and supervision (see About the RLC Hamburg). Many of them can advise in several languages. In addition, several legal professionals have joined the RLC Hamburg as volunteers. A new training cycle starts in October 2016.

Training and Supervision

Prof. Dr. Nora Markard, MA, Junior Professor for Public Law, International Law and Global Constitutionalism at the University of Hamburg, is the director of the RLC Hamburg.  Helene Heuser, MA, who holds both legal State Exams, is the coordinator of the RLC Hamburg and is responsible for teaching the training classes. Two attorneys from Hamburg, Heiko Habbe and Björn Stehn, provide bi-weekly legal supervision of the advice work.