Donate to the RLC Hamburg

We welcome your financial support for our volunteer work program. To make a donation, please use the following account information, including the „reason for payment“, to make the funds directly and exclusively available to the RLC Hamburg:

Account holder:             Universität Hamburg
IBAN:                                DE84 2000 0000 0020 1015 34
BIC:                                   MARKDEF1200
Name of the bank:         Bundesbank
Reason for payment:     U-3-1-01-703-16-001

More on the RLC Hamburg

This website serves as a resource for clients and their supporters. It therefore only contains information relevant to our advice work. As a donor, if you would like to find out more on the RLC Hamburg, please visit our university website:

Please note that the contact details listed there are not meant for questions on our legal advice work. We can only answer legal questions in our walk-in hours; for further questions on technical questions, such as on our times and locations or the languages we can cover, please send us an email: