No appointment is necessary for your first consultation.

Our walk-in hours are:

UHH LogoCampus: Wednesdays from 14h – 17h at Von-Melle-Park 5 (VMP5),
Aufgang D, 2nd Floor, Room 2029,
20146 Hamburg

From bus stop „Universitäts- / Landesbibliothek“ (buses 4 and 5), it is a 2min walk to „Von-Melle-Park 5“ at the Campus of the University of Hamburg (UHH). Access D is located at the AStA, opposite the campus cafeteria. (Map)

Altona: Thursdays from 15 – 18h at Thalia Theater „Embassy of Hope“, Gaußstraße 190, 22765 Hamburg

From S-Bahn station Altona, take the bus no. 2 – every 10min – to the stop Gaußstraße, from there it is only 200m by foot. (Map)

logo Poliklinik VeddelVeddel: Each 1st, 3rd and 5th Friday of the month from 15h – 18h at Poliklinik Veddel, Am Zollhafen 5B, 20539 Hamburg

From S-Bahn station „Veddel“(S 3 und S 31), it is a 5min walk. (Map)

logo Poliklinik VeddelWomen’s Consultation: Each 2nd Friday of the month from 15h – 18h at Poliklinik Veddel, Am Zollhafen 5B, 20539 Hamburg

From S-Bahn station „Veddel“(S 3 und S 31), it is a 5min walk. (Map)

Important Information for your Consultation:

Flyer in different languages and with all the information for Download.

Flyer of our women’s consultation in different languages and with all the information for Download.

Please bring any documentation relevant to your asylum procedure (letters from the BAMF, a lawyer, the reception centre, the Ausländerbehörde, health certificates…).

Depending on the composition of our team, we can offer legal advice in different languages: German, Farsi, Arabi, Turkish, Russian, English, French and Spanish.

Two of our female advisors have been specially trained for advising women, girls and LGBTI. If you would like to talk to these advisors, please contact us.

The Refugee Law Clinic Hamburg does not provide legal advice via email, Facebook or telephone. Please come to our walk-in hours listed above to talk about your case. No appointment is necessary. Please only contact us via email for follow-up appointments or to ask questions about the languages available.

Please note our terms and conditions below!

Please not that we can not provide legal consultation via e-mail or telephone.
  1. The Legal Consultation offered by the Refugee Law Clinic is not provided by lawyers, but by students who are not yet examined in the field of law
  2. Consultation is free of charge and non-binding.
  3. Should the complexity of an individual case overextend the consulting students abilities in any way, the consultation can be ended at any time. In this case the advice seeker must be informed immediately.
  4. The Liability for errors and mistakes during consultation is limited to gross negligence and the consultants’ usual care and diligence.
  5. The Informations shared during consultation by those seeking advice -as well as any provided documents- shall be treated confidentially by lawyers and consulting students. Submitted Data shall only be used in order to process the enquiry. The Data may be stored. Data will neither be given to nor shared with any third party. All Data will be deleted irretrievably at the end of the project, at the latest.
  6. Protection from possible seizure or confiscation does not exist. A right to refuse to testify does not exist for consulting students and possibly for supervising lawyers.
  7. The above provisions shall also apply in case of their partial invalidity.